Inspector Zhang Gets His Wish by Stephen Leather



Quickie Review: 3/5 on GoodReads.
The one thing I loved the most in this short story, was the vast ethnicity in this book; Chinese, Singaporean, Western etc. It is rare, at least in my reading experience, for there to be such ethnicity (and not really the typical ethnicity groups either) in books and I find it rare when ethnicity is out right stated and I feel that a lot of books are still very heavily white race characters and it was good to not have the ‘norm’ in this short story. I also loved the description in the book; it was fancy or elaborate, but it was easy and straight to the point but not described in a boring way. The story was great too and the writing was easy to read. Not forgetting that the short story went into detail about various locked room mysteries and theories which was very interesting. A very enjoyable!

There has been a murder and Inspector Zhang tries to figure out who the culprit is and how it was done.

Main Character:
Inspector Zhang – he was awesome! His detective skills were great. I love how excited he was about the case.

It was too short? But at least this author has a few ‘Inspector Zhang’ stories to out. I may try reading the rest of them.

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