The Elite by Kiera Cass



Quickie Review: 3.5/5 on Goodreads.
Didn’t enjoy this one as much and America seemed to have lost her strongness (but that’s acceptable when a teenager is conflict when it comes to feelings and love interests) and spends a lot of time mopping. There are some killer scenes though; Marlee’s big scene (I felt sick during it and so shocked!) and the Maxon and America hiding towards the end scene and also the second day rebel raid scene was awesome too. Also loved the Italian visit scene. Heart was crushed at the Maxon and Celeste scene. Very intrigued as to how it will end (it is a trilogy right?!) in the next book.

Continuation of The Selection and America is very conflicted with her feelings this book.

America – herself strength is gone for a lot of the book but she has a great strength part during the Marlee big scene. She’s now an alright character. But I’m glad she stood up strong in front of the King towards the end of the book, proving she’s getting her strength back and hopefully won’t fall into her ‘what do I do and feel?!’ slump again -_-
Maxon – I ended up really not liking or trusting his character just everything he says to America and everything he does is far too different. How she settled on trusting him in the end I have no idea! Cos I’m so iffy on him now.
Aspen – He’s a nuscience now. There is no way he can win and this trilogy have a decent ending! =/ as much as I like him, he’s just… I can’t see him being able to make an impact nor make any change in the next book =S
Marlee – Finally got to know her secret and I still love her and think she’s so pure and whole hearted ❤
Kris – WTF?! Why is she around?! Such a threat to America even if she is amazing and nice and Princess material!
Celeste – Still hate her, and turns out she’s even more cruel and horrid than we thought when we go to the hospital wing (Harry Potter much?) scene.
The King – He is just pure evil! That is all. I hope he dies -__-

Just not as good a book this time. America kept being so ‘I want him. No I want him’ and risking her life and it’s like ‘make a decision! Are you gunna risk it and die for Aspen if you get caught or are you gunna give it your all to Maxon?! Just CHOOSE!! Grrr!’. Can’t believe The Selection still isn’t done yet. And why won’t Maxon seen what a vial thing Celeste is?!?! GRRRR!!

Final Note and Questions (SPOILERS?!):
I liked Polandbananabook’s (YouTuber) theory on that her father is behind the rebels and I wonder how it’ll all turn out and why did that girl at the end of the second rebel raid, just curtsey to America and leave?! I WANNA KNOW!!! How is Kiera Cass gunna bring that to an end AND reform the country and the rebels in one last book?! She better not rush it =/

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