War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells



Quickie Review: 3/5 on Goodreads.
Took me ages to read due to the difficult/old English words but the story itself was compelling and at times frightening. Took me like three months to read but that could because I read like half as slow on a Kindle…

Aliens come from Mars and cause chaos on Earth. Follows one man but about three chapters have us following another’s point of view.

There is really only one character in this, the main character. We meet others along the way but are only involved in like two chapters each. The characters are as you would imagine in such a threatening and frightening story; some are crazy, some are planning way of revenge, others just want to find their family members and it’s all very realistic. I wouldn’t say I had any favourites or any that I hated but there were all interesting and realistic.

Just a lot of old words (or intelligent) words that I did not understand which slowed down my reading.

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