Top 5 Wednesday


This is hosted and was created by GingerReadsLainey and this weeks topic: Top 5 Characters You Hate.

So let’s get started! (no particular order, they all suck).


1. Dolores Umbridge – come on! This one was a given. I think everyone hates her more than Voldemort (and he’s the main bad guy!). Even in the movies she made out skin crawl and fill up with anger. I mean, damn look at her! You just wanna punch her in the face, am I right? Such an evil character.


2. The King – if you’ve read The Elite you’ll have better knowledge as to why he’s here. He is so frustrating and a little terrifying and there’s just something not right about him.


3. Katniss Everdean – I know, I know! But just bear with me while I give my reasons; it’s not so much the character I hated, but it was the way her story went and how it was written. In simple words: in the last two books, every time some fighting or something epic was going to happen, more often than not, Suzanne Collins wrote something into the story that would’ve made Katniss black out and miss the entire action! This pissed me off SO much and it makes Katniss seem very weak as well. O and her indecisiveness over Peta and Gail ticked me off too.


4. The Murderer (forgot his name =/) – Just because he is a murdered. We spend this whole book with our hearts in our mouths, ‘what he going to do? Is he going to get caught?!’ and you hate him the entire time and hope we get come justice. He is so evil and scary.


5. I know, another favourite in the YA community… Cassie – now Cassie was (from what I remember) very bad-ass in the beginning but the moment she got saved by Evan she goes all gooey and all ‘do I trust him? I trust him! Wait, no I don’t’ blah blah blah. So frustrating and it’s like ‘a boy comes and you loose all sense of yourself?! Get back to the strong girl you were!’ And that ending, how y’know that guy is seemingly dead but yet she’s kissing that other guy! WTFudge?! Seriously?!


Robot Uprisings by Daniel H.Wilson (et. al)



Quickie Review: 3/5 on Goodreads.
This is a collection of stories (hence the ‘et. all’ in the title as Daniel H. Wilson did not write the stories in this book – except the last one. And I got this off netgalley and was suppose to be read before April 6th (which I clearly failed at =S) but oh well! I wouldn’t call myself knowledgeable in the sci-fi realm as I think I’ve only actually read like two sci-fi books in my life but started getting into sci-fi on both book and tv/movie platforms over the past 2 years.

So, my review? This book has lots of robot uprising (hence the title duh!) short stories and each and everyone was interesting in different ways; be it the robots having emotions or being suspenseful and a fearful story or just simply you wanted to know ‘how the heck were these characters gunna survive?!’ Also, they almost all leave you with dis-satisfaction of ‘I want more! I want a full novel!’ which isn’t a bad thing. Thoroughly enjoyable, although I assume, more enjoyable if you take your time reading it rather than all together without a normal book break in between.

As this is a collection of short stories, I won’t go into any spoilers nor my usual ‘plot’ and ‘character’ sections. Instead I will list the different stories below and give a brief teasery synopsis and/or my thoughts on it (pssh. unlined ones will be my favs!).

Complete God: Little bot are helping clean up the radiation in America but it’s creator has other plans. God, suspense, mysterious, great cliffhanger ending, loved it!
Cycles: Hinted robot love?
Lullaby: Nanobots in the house.
Eighty Miles an Hour, All the Way to Paradise: Two girls trying to find a safe heaven; but could politeness be the answer? Weird cliff-hangar ending.
Executable: It tried to get out and set off a virus?!
The Omnibot Incident: A boy gets a bot on Christmas day. Least terrifying story, in my opinion. Very cute.
Epoch: I unfortunately skipped this one after a few pages; a lot of technical talk and just didn’t interest me.
Human Intelligence: A mans sole survival as a spy; twist ending! Love, love, loved!
The Golden Hour: A family of robots and their human child. Such a great story, a little confusing and that ending was just satisfying ❤
Sleepover: This was probably the longest story of them all and is about a man who wakes up in the future and all is not what it was suppose to be. Some of the robotic communication elements in this story I just could suspend disbelief for but never the less a fascinating read!
Seasoning: Robots have found the key to getting on with humans; with food! Great ending.
Nanonauts! In Battle with tiny Death-Subs!: A battle in the brain! This was another weird one, I couldn’t quite grab the concept and almost thought ‘is this story about cancer rather than robots?’.
Of dying Heroes and the Deathless Deeds: Meet Pony, a robot, who is receiving therapy because he is broken; is he more human than he thought? Rather vivid in it’s violent recollections and a not very nice ending.
The Robot and the Baby: A story about a robot and a baby! This story is very bittersweet; cute with a sad ending.
We are all Misfit Toys in the Aftermath of the Velveteen War: Children are the main theme in this story. It is sad and interesting but one thing did annoy me; the amount of times ‘The War is Over. The War will never end.’ was repeated.
Spider the Artist: Couldn’t read this one. Me and spiders = no no.
Small Things: About robots named Cretes and atomic bombs!

Negatives: For me, it was a bit long and maybe that’s because it was my first short story collection read. And as mentioned; probably best to take your time reading through this book rather than just focusing on the book all in one go; I kind of suffered from robot overload because I didn’t read a normal book in between it.

Top 10 Tuesday!


This weeks topic: Top Ten Books If You Like X tv show/movie/comic/play etc. brought and created by The Broke and The Bookish.

Now I wouldn’t call myself an avid bookreader, nor would I saw my knowledge of books is good, nor would I say I’ve read enough (goodreads here) to do this weeks’ Top Ten with confidence, but alas here I try! Here are my:

Top Ten Books If You Like The Lord of the Rings
(the movies)

‘The Lord of the Rings’ (the movies) was action-packed, filled with magical creatures and beings, high-epic battles, strong friendships, amazing adventures (good and bad) and a large cast of characters. So I will be looking for these things in order to come up with my Top Ten =] Okay!


1. I’m just going to throw it straight out there; Harry Potter by J.K.Rowling. While for a lot of people it’s ‘I love Harry Potter but hated The Lord of the Rings,’ or ‘I loved The Lord of the Rings but hated Harry Potter,’ I fortunately love both almost just as equally, both books and movies! So if you’re anything like me and love fantasy, epic fantasy, mystical beasts, magic, adventure then this (and The Lord of the Rings) could be for you!


2. The Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan. This is more similar to Harry Potter than The Lord of the Rings I’m afraid but it does feature a large cast, magical creatures and beings, rather large battles, strong friendships with matches those traits of The Lord of the Rings, and just happens to have Greek mythology (could be like Tolkien mythology no?) and a young adult target audience.


3. Eragon by Christopher Palini – yes, yes this is still YA, but closer to LoTR than the others mentioned before; it’s got dragons, epic-battles, magical creatures and beings, a big cast and in a totally made-up land and earth just like Middle Earth! I do warn you though; never attempt the movie please, the book is a billion times better.


4. Now where would Tolkien be without C.S.Lewis. They were in the same writing group together, so naturally they must have similarities right? The Chronicles of Narnia is (again, unfortunately) centered around children but is in it’s own magical land with various creatures and an array of characters. Compared to Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings though, The Chronicles of Narnia could be considered less epic and more simple. But there’s not harm there right?


5. I think Terry Pratchett does well what could be seen in the LoTR movies; sarcasm. Pratchett’s Disworld series is not only hilarious with sarcasm (quite like Gimli and Legolas was in the films) but also so many things are constantly going on with so many characters and each book is one interesting and epic adventure! (pssh! My favourite so far is Mort. It’s kinda like if Ringwraith’s had feelings xD).


6. I’ll try and stop the YA and children books, I promise! (But like I said, my knowledge is small!) His Dark Materials series by Philip Pullman is both epic and filled with a mighty big cast, awesome, peculiar animals and has a friendship so strong, it even passes through parallel universes! I remember these books being so epic and amazing and very easy to imagine (thanks to Pullmans writing!) — now I wanna re-read them! They might not be everyone’s cup of tea and aren’t really that similar to LoTR in terms of scale and epic-fighting and whatnot but I still feel like they bear some similarity.


7. The Mistborn Trilogy by Brandon Sanderson. If you love epic fantasy books, you’re sure to have already read him, right? Well this is an epic fantasy about a group of people trying to overthrow the evil lord (similar to the Fellowship trying to destroy the One Ring and Sauron right?), along with the help of metal magic (I know there’s a fancy word for it!). While there are no real ‘epic travelling to the other side of the world’ to complete the mission, nor epic creatures (that I’ve read of yet) this book is just so fast paced and adventurous and never a dull moment with a lot of interesting characters (AND a kick-ass female lead with is different to LoTR but o well. She’s the underdog, like the hobbits were! =]) Btw, this has to be my favourite book ever – I know! It might even be beating The Hobbit for me! o_O


8. The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. Now this is the only book featured that I haven’t even bought, let alone read! But from what I have heard about it; it’s just as epic (better be seen as it spans 14 books!) as LoTR. << if that doesn’t persuade you then just read a little of the synopsis (thanks goodreads!): The Wheel of Time turns and Ages (like the 3rd AGE of Middle Earth?) come and go, leaving memories (memories become legend, legend become myth and for 2 and a half thousan years the ring passed out of all knowledge?) that become legend. Legend fades to myth, and even myth is long forgotten when the Age that gave it birth returns again. In the Third Age (of Middle Earth?!), an Age of Prophecy, the World and Time themselves hang in the balance (You can do it Frodo Baggins! You’re their only hope!). What was, what will be, and what is, may yet fall under the Shadow (Of Sauron?!). Wow, reading that… sounds like an exact copy of LoTR?! o_O Gunna have to read it to find out right? xD Also there appears to be a quote on the book cover I chose, it says: Jordan has come to dominate the world that Tolkien began to reveal – The New York Times. Do you really need any more convincing?


9. Did you think I was going to miss this off? Of course not! A Game of Thrones is what LoTR would have been if Tolkien and Peter Jackson had drank all the time and were a little less sound in the mind! Filled with an epic land with dragons and a billion characters who you’ll get mixed up with time and time again (believe me, George R R Martin rings up certain people to ask where and what house his characters belong to sometimes!) and also epic battles! To top it off, there’s interesting (for once) politics! Though do be warned, definitely an adult pick as it is filled with all the stuff LoTR missed out kindly; sex, rape, under-age, foul language etc. It’s like if LoTR was a reality show, maybe? I just made it sound worse…. George has R.R just like Tolkien?


10. And of course! Where wouldn’t we be without The Hobbit ❤ J. R.R. Tolkien’s book that started off Middle Earth and ended up bring us to The Lord of the Rings and so many other amazing books in the same world ❤ It’s got elves, dwaves, dragons, amazing adventures, just basically everything I mentioned before starting the countdown! And it’s not a heavy lexical wise so even children can read it! (well it was designed for children in the first place xD).

And those were my Top Ten Tuesday picks!! What did you think? Have you done today’s Top Ten? What do you think was missing from this list that should’ve been there? Let me know below!

Bout of Books 10!


Just a quick Monday update to let you know that I have decided to participate in the ‘Bout of Books 10‘ Read-a-Thon that spans from May 12th to May 18th! To learn more just click the image above that will take you to the ‘Bout of Books’ site!

More info on what books I shall be reading close to the date it begins!

Are you participating? If so, have you decided what books?!

The Prince by Kiera Cass


Quickie Review: 3/5 on GoodReads.
This is #0.5 in ‘The Selection’ Trilogy and is the first novella. The reason it gets 3/5 stars is because it was good but I don’t think it was a necessary novella. Although it was nice to see more of Maxon’s life and hear his thoughts.

Plot: Maxon’s point of view of when the Selection begins and his first few meetings with America.

There is really only one character in this story; Maxon: While (as already said) it was nice to get a little more of the palace from his view point and to hear his thoughts, he did annoy me. I don’t remember him say ‘my dear’ as much as what he did in this novella.

Negatives: Already stated: I don’t think it was a necessary novella.


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Why I No Longer Want ‘Dorothy Must Die’


So, today, I learnt somethings.

Number One – there is a thing in the publishing company called ‘Book Packagers’ (more info here).
Number Two – there is a person called James Frey so, yeah he lied about his memoir but whatever.
Number Three – he has a Book Packager company called ‘Full Fathom Five’.
Number Four – the contracts at his company are harsh and cruel and it just seems like he treats them like shit.
Number Five – his company created ‘Dorothy Must Die’ and ‘I am Number Four’.

Now it probably just sounds like me being a brat and such and such but after reading the horrible ways in which he treats his colleagues (some examples are; the authors at his company are in contracts stating; they only get a 250 dollar advance and a small percentage of what the book brings in, but the authors are not allowed to know how many books they’ve sold, what tv/movie deals they’ve been offered and if they leave the company, their work is no longer class as their work. It just goes on with how badly James Frey treats his employers in his (unfortunately) very successful book packaging company.) I have decided that no matter how much I want to read Dorothy Must Die and I am Number Four, I (more so) do not want to give that guy any more money or success, he does not deserve it and at the end of the day it’s likely that the actual authors won’t even get a cent of my money if I do pay for the books and it’s not fair so I am not going to buy any of FFF books ever. He just does not deserve it. So I’ll borrow from the library if I really want to read them but right now, after reading about him and his company, I have lost all desire and interest to read those two books.

More information on book packagers and James Frey and FFF:

Knocking Down my Goodreads Challenge

I have just decided to change my 2014 Goodreads reading challenge from 48 books to 24 books.


And, here are my reasons why (if you’re interested of course xD):

1. I don’t have a long summer holiday this year (which is when I normally power through a lot of books) therefore the chance of me getting through a decent amount of books this year is very slim.

2. I read SO much slower on my Kindle (and rather dislike it) and as that’s the only way I can read books during my year abroad.

3. Up until August, I have three major exams that will need at least 2 plus weeks of prep. and revision therefore, in these last 4 months I have on my year abroad, over 1 and a half of those months will be dedicated to exams alone and that’s not including reports, essays, homework, actually other studying and lessons. So my free time is going to be exceedingly reduced.

4. I go into my final year of university in September and I imagine that it’s all gunna get more crazy (if that is even possible!) as well as having to write like a 12,000 words dissertation so that also reduces my reading (and even leisure) time.

Kinda sucks but I will try and hit 48 books on the low-down but it will not be the official goal.