Happy April Fools! Now for the TBR

There is no Wrap-Up again for this month as I’ve been travelling the whole of March and literally only had a few hours here and there and I keep swapping between which books I’m reading so while there has been progress in my ‘currently reading’ books, I hath no finished any so I apologize. But! For the Year-A-Thon, this month is (Re)Read Month! And I plan to at least finish my re-read of The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien and if I can, maybe re-read some Harry Potter. Then of course I plan to carry on reading with the aim of trying to finish the rest of my currently reading books, but books I hope to add to this month are 2 novellas and 1 novel; The Guard and The Prince novellas by Kiera Cass, and StarDust by Neil Gaiman. So to list-it-up!

March Wrap Up:

April TBR:
The Hobbit
A Game of Thrones
Battle Royale
The Sign of Four (Sherlock Holmes)
The Guard*
The Prince*
Robot Uprisings** (April 10th 2014)

Good luck to me!! But school starts back up again on the 8th so god knows how I’ll do…. I know I can get at least one book finished before then…

*Newly added
** ARC Copy!

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