Knocking Down my Goodreads Challenge

I have just decided to change my 2014 Goodreads reading challenge from 48 books to 24 books.


And, here are my reasons why (if you’re interested of course xD):

1. I don’t have a long summer holiday this year (which is when I normally power through a lot of books) therefore the chance of me getting through a decent amount of books this year is very slim.

2. I read SO much slower on my Kindle (and rather dislike it) and as that’s the only way I can read books during my year abroad.

3. Up until August, I have three major exams that will need at least 2 plus weeks of prep. and revision therefore, in these last 4 months I have on my year abroad, over 1 and a half of those months will be dedicated to exams alone and that’s not including reports, essays, homework, actually other studying and lessons. So my free time is going to be exceedingly reduced.

4. I go into my final year of university in September and I imagine that it’s all gunna get more crazy (if that is even possible!) as well as having to write like a 12,000 words dissertation so that also reduces my reading (and even leisure) time.

Kinda sucks but I will try and hit 48 books on the low-down but it will not be the official goal.

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