Why I No Longer Want ‘Dorothy Must Die’


So, today, I learnt somethings.

Number One – there is a thing in the publishing company called ‘Book Packagers’ (more info here).
Number Two – there is a person called James Frey so, yeah he lied about his memoir but whatever.
Number Three – he has a Book Packager company called ‘Full Fathom Five’.
Number Four – the contracts at his company are harsh and cruel and it just seems like he treats them like shit.
Number Five – his company created ‘Dorothy Must Die’ and ‘I am Number Four’.

Now it probably just sounds like me being a brat and such and such but after reading the horrible ways in which he treats his colleagues (some examples are; the authors at his company are in contracts stating; they only get a 250 dollar advance and a small percentage of what the book brings in, but the authors are not allowed to know how many books they’ve sold, what tv/movie deals they’ve been offered and if they leave the company, their work is no longer class as their work. It just goes on with how badly James Frey treats his employers in his (unfortunately) very successful book packaging company.) I have decided that no matter how much I want to read Dorothy Must Die and I am Number Four, I (more so) do not want to give that guy any more money or success, he does not deserve it and at the end of the day it’s likely that the actual authors won’t even get a cent of my money if I do pay for the books and it’s not fair so I am not going to buy any of FFF books ever. He just does not deserve it. So I’ll borrow from the library if I really want to read them but right now, after reading about him and his company, I have lost all desire and interest to read those two books.

More information on book packagers and James Frey and FFF:

9 thoughts on “Why I No Longer Want ‘Dorothy Must Die’

  1. I actually was reading this today up to page 108 on my lunch break and then I did a look through on the reviews on goodreads and somehow I ended up here… and now that I’m here (at this point of reading…. not here at this blog)… I lost all interest in reading the book. Just drained away like that… much like you.

    It’s probably going to end up on my DNF pile now.

    I don’t normally read self – published books but hell I prefer them over this (FFF’s) business practice.

  2. I’m so upset that Dorothy Must Die is a FFF book, especially since I can no longer return it, and it was an okay read anyway. Wish I’d found out sooner!

  3. I’m glad you heard nothing but praise for “Dorothy” Alex, because I have to say it’s a gem to me and I intend to read all the followups; I’m also following Paige on Twitter and we’ve spoken several times online. She, luckily, doesn’t fit in at all with the description of easy prey for fickle Frey: she’s been out of college for years, a successful writer with a lot of history and her writing is prime, layered fiction complete with amazing descriptions, complex moral/psychological issues and deep plotting.

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