The Prince by Kiera Cass


Quickie Review: 3/5 on GoodReads.
This is #0.5 in ‘The Selection’ Trilogy and is the first novella. The reason it gets 3/5 stars is because it was good but I don’t think it was a necessary novella. Although it was nice to see more of Maxon’s life and hear his thoughts.

Plot: Maxon’s point of view of when the Selection begins and his first few meetings with America.

There is really only one character in this story; Maxon: While (as already said) it was nice to get a little more of the palace from his view point and to hear his thoughts, he did annoy me. I don’t remember him say ‘my dear’ as much as what he did in this novella.

Negatives: Already stated: I don’t think it was a necessary novella.


I was hoping we would get to know more (than what was put) about the palace life from Maxon’s point of view. I understand the novella is a 0.5 but it came out after The Elite (right?) so I was hoping for there been shown more of his father’s violence and his ‘punishments’ but that didn’t happen at all. I didn’t like how his mother was all still happy and supportive about him and his father; does she seriously have no idea what Maxon’s father does to him?!

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