Top 5 Wednesday


This is hosted and was created by GingerReadsLainey and this weeks topic: Top 5 Characters You Hate.

So let’s get started! (no particular order, they all suck).


1. Dolores Umbridge – come on! This one was a given. I think everyone hates her more than Voldemort (and he’s the main bad guy!). Even in the movies she made out skin crawl and fill up with anger. I mean, damn look at her! You just wanna punch her in the face, am I right? Such an evil character.


2. The King – if you’ve read The Elite you’ll have better knowledge as to why he’s here. He is so frustrating and a little terrifying and there’s just something not right about him.


3. Katniss Everdean – I know, I know! But just bear with me while I give my reasons; it’s not so much the character I hated, but it was the way her story went and how it was written. In simple words: in the last two books, every time some fighting or something epic was going to happen, more often than not, Suzanne Collins wrote something into the story that would’ve made Katniss black out and miss the entire action! This pissed me off SO much and it makes Katniss seem very weak as well. O and her indecisiveness over Peta and Gail ticked me off too.


4. The Murderer (forgot his name =/) – Just because he is a murdered. We spend this whole book with our hearts in our mouths, ‘what he going to do? Is he going to get caught?!’ and you hate him the entire time and hope we get come justice. He is so evil and scary.


5. I know, another favourite in the YA community… Cassie – now Cassie was (from what I remember) very bad-ass in the beginning but the moment she got saved by Evan she goes all gooey and all ‘do I trust him? I trust him! Wait, no I don’t’ blah blah blah. So frustrating and it’s like ‘a boy comes and you loose all sense of yourself?! Get back to the strong girl you were!’ And that ending, how y’know that guy is seemingly dead but yet she’s kissing that other guy! WTFudge?! Seriously?!

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