Happy Birthday to Me! TBR/Wrap Up!

Yes May 1st is my birthday and it is also TBR and Wrap-Up day! (And another post I will probs post today, maybe tomorrow)… Now let us talk about the books:

April Wrap-Up:
The Hobbit (re-read!)
The Prince
Robot Uprisings

Click to see their reviews!

Even though it was only three books, it’s a bit improvement over the previous two months where I started a load of books (most I’m still reading) and not finished any in those months.

May TBR: (pretty much the same as last month)

A Game of Thrones
Battle Royale
The Sign of Four (Sherlock Holmes #2)
The Guard

Books That Need Reviewing in May(basically ARCS I got off netgalley that come out this month)

L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future Volume 30 – May 6th
Thief’s Magic – 15th May

So that is a totally of 6 books! Wish me luck! I am seriously hoping to get through all of these this month so I get rid of that ‘you’ve been reading these books for months hurry up! Hurry up! Or you’ll never read them or forget and have to restart them!’ and also so I can move on to books that I’ve been dying to read for ages, and hopefully get back to a ‘one book at a time’ pattern.

PSST. Wrap Up/TBR Video

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