May 2014 Releases!!

So a little different to the April releases entry I did a few weeks back. I think I’ll stick to my new format of; only show covers of the releases I’m looking forward to and then on Wednesdays, do ‘Waiting on Wednesday’ and I will pick a up-coming release (or two) to talk about! So without further ado, the May Releases!!

May 1st



May 6th


May 8th


May 13th*


May 15th


May 20th


May 22nd


May 27th


*There is one confusion; Goodreads has ‘Thief’s Magic’ under the release date of May 13th, while Netgalley and Amazon UK has it under May 15th.

Also, here are the Net Galley ARCS I have received to review in May, first one is May 6th and the second May 15th:


Image Image

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