Top 10 Tuesday! #3


This Week’s Theme: Top Ten Book Covers I’d Frame As Pieces of Art… A.K.A BOOK COVER PORN!!!
And before I start I just wanna say this: I have a category on Goodreads that is specifically for ‘Covers I Want’ not even the story! xD


1. Just all these from the trilogy please?! They are absolutely beautiful, from the feathers to the colour gradient! I love all three covers from all three books!!


2. Another one where all of it’s books have amazingly beautiful covers! I wouldn’t mind lining all three up against each other in a frame on my own! They are so beautiful!


3. This picture does not do the cover justice. In real life it’s so dazzly and sparkly and gorgeous! And stars ftw!


4. I love The Hobbit (it’s like my number one all time favourite book!) and I cannot get enough of this old edition (and recently re-released?) of the over! Words cannot describe how long I’ve wanted this cover and edition in my hands (the proper hardback, not the ‘mini edition’) and one day it shall be mine and I shall open it like this and I shall frame it! Mwahahahaha!


5. Because steampunk is freaking amazing! Just look at it’s beauty!


6. Another steam punk. I don’t know what it is about this picture of a close up, steam-punk, war esque person but I just love it!


7. It’s fracking gorgeous! I cannot wait to get my hands on this hardcover edition of A Game of Thrones and dang it’d make a fine piece of art on the wall also!


8. Just – yess! Btw have you seen the cover for the final book? I think it’s the Barnes and Nobel special edition one that is really desirable as art! xD But still, love this cover!


9. The style of this is just beautiful! There’s quite a few other covers out there that rock this style – and I want them all as art!


10. Okay, this last one is kinda cheating but if that image of Hogwarts was a poster – I’d want it hanging in my room for everyone to see! (also wouldn’t mind the actual covers being side by side and shown as art either)

So which out of these ten would you definitely pick?! What covers did you yourself choose?

Another same time, next week!


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