Top 5 Wednesday #2

This is hosted and was created by GingerReadsLainey.
This weeks topic: Top Actor/Actress Portrayals of Characters (book to screen).


1. Ian McKellen as Gandalf – Ooo this man, he does Magnet just as amazingly as he does Gandalf! I love his portrayal of Gandalf and he can be very amusing at times too! Though his character does have a different air in The Hobbit, not complaining!


2. James and Oliver Phelps as Fred & George Weasley – the characters in the books were hilarious and the characters these two twins brought to the screen were also hilarious! Loved them! Can you tell them apart? xD


3. Kenneth Branagh as Benedick – You thought I was going to say Lockehart didn’t you?! Tricked you! Mr Branagh played Benedick in the 1993 film adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing (plays count here right?) and I remember being so amused by him and his character portrayal! I specifically remember his deck chair collapsing from under him in the film.


4. Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister – there is no Pimp with Imp!! Oooo where to start. A. Tyrion is amazing, B. I don’t think anyone else would’ve been a more perfect! His sarcasm for a start is to a point and amazing! Feeling sorry for him right now in the series though! =/


5. Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn – Do I need words to explain this one?! I think not. But main point, love Viggo as Aragorn!!! And if it wasn’t for his son, he wouldn’t have taken this role, so thank you Viggo’s son!!

Who’s on your list? Do you agree/disagree with mine?

Same time next week!

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