Bout of Books 10 TBR


Towards the end of last month I stated that I would be participating in Bout of Books 10. Now here I am with my aims and goals and books (inspired by this post!)

Time Spent Daily: 1 – 2 hours a day would be a significant improvement for me.

Desired Page Total: 500/600 pages please! 600 pages divided by 7 = 86 pages – do-able, am I right?

TBR: I would like to finish 2 books at least. Especially the two ARCs I got from NetGalley which come out (or already have =/) this month. But I shall aim to get through 4 books, and they are:

Image Image Image Image


Finally: I will try and do daily updates, so look forward to those! Although don’t expect me to be amazing at this (in Japan, summer hols don’t start until August so I still have my usual massive homework and study load during the week xD)

Update Tomorrow! And good luck to everyone taking part and let’s have fun and support each other!

Are you taking part?

4 thoughts on “Bout of Books 10 TBR

  1. Huh. 1-2 hours daily reading = finishing two books minimum. You cray (or maybe I’m just super slow at reading…probably the latter). I still cringe at watching the Battle Royale movie–the legit children killing children.

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