Bout of Books 10 – Day #2


It has just struck midnight so time for Day 2’s round up! And there’s been a little improvement, and I did get my Kindle back from my boyfriend’s ^_^

Day #2

Currently Reading: Battle Royale (from page 204)

Books Completed: N/A

Pages Read Today: 44

Total: 77 pages (95 pages behind!)

Only 11 page increase? O dear! I gotta kick myself in the butt and get-a-reading! -_- I have 12.50 – 4 tomorrow and will most likely find some studying/homework I forgot to do before the class and then some more after, but I am trying! (and flailing – sorry guys =/).

Same Time Tomorrow! (well later today! << Wednesday here now.)

4 thoughts on “Bout of Books 10 – Day #2

  1. I didn’t get anything in print yesterday since I have a cold. Luckly I had my Audiobook or I would’ve completely failed in advancing yesterday. Don’t despair!

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