Top 10 Tuesday #4!


Cannot believe this is my 4th week doing this! Wow I am really doing well with keeping up with this blog – but posting book stuff is just so much fun!!

This Week’s Topic: Ten Books I Almost Put Down But Didn’t << Can I just write ‘all school/university compulsory books‘? Just kidding, but yes I had to read those and hated most of them (got more coming up as I still have 12 months to go until Graduation =[)

This week was rather easy for me as, once again, I keep lists of books that I ‘did not like’. I know that sounds harsh but we all have our bad book days right? Also I still haven’t gotten the mindset of ‘if I don’t like a book, it’s okay to put it down,’ so pretty much every book I’ve not liked, I’ve still read to the end, so this is basically a list of ‘books I wanted to put down but didn’t and read to the end and didn’t like‘. Let’s get on with this list – and hopefully I won’t offend or hurt anyone! xD (psst. fortunately I don’t have ten books to ‘rant’ about).


1. Yes, I know, I know, I read it and regret it. I just wanted to know what all the hype was about! I hated this book so much and purely because; there was no real plot and just an endless cycle of ‘sex, argue, make up sex, problem, sex, aruge, sex etc.’ boring! FYI, I did not carry this series on.


2. I just found this book boring. It had nothing to do with not being able to understand Asperger’s or anything but the actually story itself I just did not care for. Although I remember the boy and his maths and habits due to his Asperger’s interesting me. I guess it doesn’t help that this was a book I had to read for college, which takes the fun out of it. But I hear most people actually enjoy this book, so don’t take my opinion completely!


3. Firstly a little back story: this is suppose to be a ‘prequel’ to Jane Erye, explaining why there was a crazy woman in Rochester’s house. Also another compulsive read for college. I just remember really hating the main character (who turns into the crazy woman in Jane Erye) and did not care for her and because it was for my exam, I just had to finish it (nearly failed my exam though!).


4. I can hear you all gasping in horror, but let me explain; I think I’ve already mentioned my problems with Katniss (here) and her being kept out of the action like all the time, but I kept going because; I wanted to know what happened but Katniss and quite a few of the characters, I just ended up not caring about at all in the end.


5. My mother loved this book and so I took her opinion and decided to believe and read it. She kept saying ‘the dad is so interesting and you’ll find out why in the end!’ so I read the entire book; nothing happened and about the dad; I could not see (still can’t) at all what my mother was going on about. Anyone that has read it; any ideas?


6. I loved this book to begin with; the writing, the setting, the world, the characters etc. But for me, it all went downhill at that 60% mark everyone talks about where it all just completely changes; for some reason it just lost my interest completely and I ended up speed-reading the last 100 or so pages trying to find something that would keep me interested. In the end, I didn’t like it. Even though, even now I can still remember the beautiful writing and what happens in that first 60% and how beautiful the setting was; shame the twist just didn’t work for me =/


7. I loved this book so much, right until the very end; it was the ending that made me wanna throw this book across the room. It’s been like 6/7 years since I read this book but I still remember feeling like ‘why did that happen?! I hate that?! Why? WHY?!’ but still I finished the book, but did not carry on the series.


8. This was another of mother’s recommendations that I decided to trust but o man, I wanted to put this book down so many times but because momma liked it, I wanted to read it to the end and I did. These types of adult contemporary family/romance books just don’t seem to work for me.

NOW! I hath a bonus and guess what; it isn’t a negative one!!


9. Let us move on from the hate and enjoy this little story of mine; I bought these editions when I was like 12 (I think that’s how old I was when they came out) and I think I started reading this book when I was 14. I made it to the end of Book 1 (the first half of this book)… move a year or 2 into the future; I get back to this book and re-read Book 1… a year after that, I am on a very long haul flight (going from England to Australia which is essentially over a 24 hour travel time; flights and weight time included); I re-read Book 1… on the way back I managed Book 2!! Yes my pretties! It seemed for almost 4/5 years that I would never get past book 1 of this book and at around 17 years old I managed to read the entirety of this book and was luckily, never officially put down! During that following year, I easily sped and read through The Two Towers and The Return of the King and I completed The Lord of the Rings! Aren’t you proud of me?! even though it took like 5 years =/ sorry? …

And those are my books. Now I realise this is a very negative ‘Top Ten Tuesday’ but the only books I ever wanted to put down but didn’t are ones I did not enjoy. These are all my opinions and you can freely disagree – in fact, if you ended up loving these books then I’m happy for you and envy you that you could enjoy them!

What books made it onto your list and did your list turn into a ‘books I didn’t like’ type of list?

Same Time, Next Week!

4 thoughts on “Top 10 Tuesday #4!

    • I was defo an odd one out. But having said that everyone around me who was reading was like 40 years and over and I was like 18 when I read it. Maybe I was outside the ‘appreciate’ audience xD

      I do recommend Curious Incident if you ever get a gap in your TBR as it has been a loved booked by many, just didn’t work for me.

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