Top 5 Wednesday #3




1. The Marauder’s Map – I was going to pick the Time Turner but decided I would not trust myself with it! So Marauder’s Map it is! It’s kinda like stalking but legal stalking… time to find my celebrity husband on the map!

Image2. Magic Carpet – Because they’re comfy and who doesn’t wanna lie down as they travel through the breeze?! Or even nap all the way to school on it! ^_^


3. The Wardrobe – I want a wardrobe that takes me not only to Narnia but to any place I think about when I open that door. That would be neat, wouldn’t it!


4. The Subtle Knife – This would allow me to not only cut through any known matter in the universe, but also can cut into different worlds! I’d be able to find Parallel me perhaps!


5. The Wand – the ultimate essential mystical item! Preferably one from Olivander’s.

What was on your list?

Same Time, Next Week!

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