Top 5 Wednesday #4


This Week’s Topic: Top Books You Devoured << I’m gunna take this as: books I read super fast or in one sitting. I kinda cheat so heads-up; sorry!


1. When ever I re-read Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, I do it within one day. It’s just so amazing and such an awesome read!


2. I took the omnibus of this trilogy with me away on holiday one year. I think it’s over 1000 pages together and I remember reading it within like two 7hour reading sittings or at the least seriously fast!


3. I remember getting this book and just sitting and reading and doing nothing else until it was done and I got through it rather fast. I also remember where I was sitting and what kind of day it was as I read through the battle of Hogwarts and to it’s end.


4. This includes the entire series; they’re just so fun and fast paced and interesting that I easily read one within a day and so got through this series pretty fast! ❤


5. Read both of these within a few hours; so easy to read, entertaining and nothing too difficult to slow your reading down! Haven’t gotten my hands on The One yet =[

Same Time, Next Week!

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