May 23rd 2014 #FridayReads!

It’s been over two weeks since I’ve made one of these but there was no point last week as it was Bout of Books 10 so my reading list was obvious. So here I am to tell you what I plan to read today, this weekend and this up coming week.

Firstly, this upcoming week will be the week before my Mid Term exams so my reading time will be (somehow) cut down even more, so I have decided I will only focus on one book this is next week and that is:


I am currently 54% through so hopefully I can make that last 46% home stretch during the next week or so! Also, I feel really bad. This was given to me by Net Galley in hopes that I’d read and review it before it came out. This book came out May 6th and I’m still reading it almost 20 days later =/ I’m sorry Net Galley! But you will get your review eventually (maybe a month late =/).

So yes, this is all I plan (and will probably only get through) to read during the next week.

What is everyone else’s Friday Reads? Also, have a great and safe weekend!

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