May 2014 Book Haul!

I only bought one physical book (and two magazines – but I doubt you want to see those!) and I have already listed it in a ‘Stack the Shelves‘ but I thought it’d be nice to show you it close up – because it looks gorgeous! The title’s name is a little difficult to translate into English. It is ‘Eien no Zero’ which Eien means ‘forever’, No is like ”s’ and Zero is of course ‘Zero’. So it’s like Zero’s Forever? Forever’s Zero? Difficult ain’t it! xD

With Dust Jacket On


Without Jacket




Inside Map


How gorgeous is that?! The GoodReads link is here but currently has no English translation. Also, from what I remember from the film, the synopsis is:

When Kentarou’s grandmother passes away, he finds out that his grandfather isn’t his real grandfather and goes out to find out just who his biological grandfather is. Along the way he learns that he was part of the Kamikaze group during World War 2. Not only that, everyone he interviews that were in the group with him call him ‘weak’, ‘a coward’ and so on, until one time when someone calls him a hero. We follow Kentarou as he finds out what his grandfather and why he was so disliked by so many and what happened to him.

I’m not going to post all the Kindle books I bought/got in May because, for once, I actually got a lot this month and you can also just simply see them all under this tag.

Another Update, Later Today!

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