The Guard by Kiera Cass


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Quickie Review: 3.5/5 stars on GoodReads!
I enjoyed this one more than I enjoyed ‘The Prince’ and I felt like it was more necessary and added to the story rather than ‘The Prince’. Maybe I was reading way too much into it but this novella seemed to leave hints as to what’s going on with the King and the rebellion and everything so I got theories flying everywhere! Give me The One now!

Plot: Following Aspen’s (the Guard) POV during his time in the palace and his interations and thoughts.

Character: Aspen – I really like him! He cares so much for America and he catches up on things that she’s (and us as readers as the books are in her POV) oblivious to. I think after reading this I have definitely become an Aspen girl! But I feel someone else will become his girl in the end.

Quotes Love

‘Everything doesn’t seem like anything when you love someone’ (17%) Oh Aspen!! ❤

Negatives – Not many really, just one thing was when he was talking about getting an injection; for what exactly? That wasn’t explained! Unless I missed that in the main books? o_O O I found one more thing; Kiera Cass wrote at one point ‘like a big middle finger to the monarchy‘ really Kiera Cass? Most people that read YA all swear! Why you baby-ing us? Just say ‘gave us a big ‘fuck off” not difficult. We aren’t children – I could happily rant about what ‘Young Adult’ actual means and how book target audience of ‘YA’ actually isn’t ‘YA’ but moving on!

Theories on Last Book (based on what went on in this Novella) SPOILERS BELOW!!

I could never being to guess at what he was hiding from me, but I knew without a doubt that there was something there.’ OMG Aspen!! What are you picking up on that America isn’t?!

‘If I was him, I’d be more worried about my neck than any lost information, no matter what those documents said.’ So clearly those documents are what the rebels are after?!?!? What is hidden in those documents king?

I am convinced this trilogy will end in Maxon and American being together and Aspen and Lucy – just the way they were in this novella signals to me that Lucy likes Aspen and that he could very well end up with her in the end! I mean he held Lucy’s hand and she stopped trembling!! o_O

O and finally, who the frack is the guy Aspen keeps meeting outside?! He’s definitely not a normal employee! He’s got to be a rebel undercover!

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