Top 5 Wednesday #5


This Week’s Topic: Top 5 Characters You Wish You Were More Like (once again – as it seems every week – I haven’t read (or re-read my favourites) enough to know straight away what to go with). There wasn’t one last week, as last week’s topic (Top First Sentences) I just wasn’t able to answer as I don’t have any of my favourite books with me.


1. We’ll get the Manga character out of the way: Near from Death Note. He is so intelligent and so collected. I’d love to be more like him in that he’s more reserved about his emotions (very poker face) and I wish I had his logic (he’s constantly playing games and doing them quickly) and he’s also very intelligent – sure would love to gain some IQs!


2. Unfortunately (ha! Get the pun?) I haven’t read A Series of Unfortunate Events for a long time so I cannot remember the siblings individual characters but (shamelessly) remembering the film; Violet was the inventor and thinker of the group and I’d love to be like her and just be able to invent pretty much anything from anything at hand within like seconds of tying my hair up and thinking.


3. Annabeth from Percy Jackson series; seriously with me it’s all about just wanting to be more intelligent and be on the intelligent level of the characters I put here. Annabeth (not the movie one! We’ll forget she exists!) is so logical and mature and intelligent! I wish I was more like her ='[


4. Ender from Ender’s Game – mature way beyond his years and very intelligent – he became a freaking space leader at the age of like 11 for god’s sake! And he’s strong and just keeps picking himself up and never giving up! Wish I didn’t give up so easily – even if it’s just homework.


5. Who’s list isn’t she on?! I wish I was intelligent and mature and loyal (especially more loyal!) just like Hermione Granger. She’s kick ass; she has both brains and beauty and still yet a totally normal teen!

So pretty much, I want to be more intelligent? xD Who is on your list? Do we have the same?

Same Time, Next Week!

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