The Eslites by C.M. Doporto


Quickie Review: 3.5/5 stars on GoodReads.
This is the 0.5 Novella in ‘The Eslite Chronicles’ and only has like 20 pages but 20 great pages! Love the premise! I want to know so much more about the characters and what is going to happen. Definitely will read more! And I really like the cover!

Plot: An advanced alien species is on Earth and is taking women from 16 – 25 years detained in an otherworldly facility named Nidus where they are given a series of tests, some don’t come back. This story follows sixteen-year-old Miranda Mays; will she pass the tests? Do she even want to pass the tests? And who is running the show anyway?!

Miranda: Intelligent, strong and not stupid – a good strong female lead!
(I’m quite sure the smaller characters will return in the books!)

Negatives: That stupid nickname her boyfriend calls her! -_- so stupid! Also, wish the seven months had been extended and explained but maybe that’ll be in the actual books?

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