The Truth About Alice by Jennifer Mathieu


Received as an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review (even though I’m a few days late – was released June 3rd!).

Quickie Reviews: 3.5/5 stars on GoodReads.
Not only a quick easy read but also an interesting one; you wanna know at least two mysteries as you read along, you see the characters grow, it’s easy to relate to the subjects and look back and be like ‘yeah I had something similar happen to me too!’ and I also love how it’s about ‘high school throws shit at you but also teaches you how to discover things like how to find true friends.’ Loved how we ended on Alice as well!

Plot: Alice is a (quote) slut – or so everyone in her town thinks, but is it true? There’s gossip, betrayal, secrets and a few serious themes thrown in also.

Elaine – HOLY shit this character! I hated her SO so So much! I wanted to bang her against a wall so much! Just how stuck up she is and her attitude. She seems like the only character that doesn’t grow in this book!
Kelsie – Kelsie I also didn’t like but at least she gave reasons and we discovered why she acts and is the way she is. Also I personally connected with Kelsie’s section VERY much and found it very HARD to read as I could 100% relate to her on the major event that happens to her – especially as it only happened to me last month – and it was written so realistic and real that I found myself just wanting to cry for both her and me and what she’s going through and what she’s thinking after the event, I am also currently going through.
Josh – The jock! Or so you just stereotype at first but you learn that he really cares about his friends. Also, it was explicitly said in the book (but to those that have read it); am I right in thinking that he’s gay but doesn’t know it? Especially the way he talks about Brandon.
Brandon – he’s basically to blame for everything that happens in this book and he doesn’t even have a P.O.V! xD But what we learn about him is, he’s very layered and real (they all are) and it was great to see how he acted with different people.
Kurt: The geek – but a sweet one. I really liked Kurt. He was like the only character that didn’t have a flaw – well his flaw was that he was seen as a weirdo and a loner but besides that, he was so sweet and so cute! Loved him!


When I sit by myself in the cafeteria rereading The Hobbit for the thirteenth time’ hells yeah to The Hobbit reference! ❤

Negatives: All these teens seemed to have had a very closed upbringing and maybe it was because it was a small town but I also come from a small town (not as small as the town in the book) but in my high school days if I found out a girl has given a guy a blow job or slept with two guys, no one really would be like ‘oh my god what a slut’ we were more like ‘omg how was it? What happened? What do you do?!’ so that really annoyed me at how close minded they all were. Already said; I really disliked Elaine’s character. Also, if Kelsie said ‘The Very Awful Stuff’ one more time, I was gonna blow. But they are the only negatives really. And I hated Elaine so much but that’s not the books fault, that is just the character herself.

One thought on “The Truth About Alice by Jennifer Mathieu

  1. Well, this book certainly evoked some heavy emotion about Elaine. To bad it isn’t positive. I don’t mind a character that annoys me if that is effective in the plot or there is some redeeming quality, but it doesn’t sound like the case with Elaine. I do think that the reactions that were bothersome in the circle of people in a small school depends on local, but I think that for the most part you are right. It could be that the author comes from a generation where these things were more scandalous, in which case there should have been some research, although I am not familiar with the author enough to say. Great review.
    -Flirting with Fiction

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