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A non-book related thing today that I wanted to share! =]

1. How did you hear about Supernatural? 
My friend put it on one night when we were home alone and she told me her dad had gotten her into it and wanted to show me it; it was the vampire episode from season 1 and we were both hooked.

2. How long have you been watching Supernatural?
Since Season 1! 2006 baby! =]

3. Who’s your favorite character? 
I used to seriously love Sam but as I grew up I started to see the appeal of Dean and much prefer Dean to Sam now. And Cas is always a solid choice, but only one? Bobby? xD

4. Which season do you like the most? 
Trying to remember the seasons now… Season 5? I’m gunna have to watch them all again…

5. What season are you currently watching?
Done, caught up. Season 9 has finished. Now waiting for Season 10.

6.How many DVDs of SPN do you have? 
Currently just Seasons 1 – 5.

7. What are your favorite episode?
OMG, my friend made a list somewhere of the best episodes…
Skin, Tale Tales, All Hell Breaks Loose Part 1 and Part 2, Mystery Spot, Yellow Fever, Wishful Thinking, Changing Channels, The French Mistake, Slash Fiction, LARP and the Real Girl, Slumber Party etc.

8. Have you ever seen the stars live? 
Not yet.

9. What got you hooked to SPN? 
The hotness!

10. How do you think about the marriage of Jared and Genevieve? 
I don’t think about it. It happened and s’long as they’re happy then I’m happy =]

11. What do you think of slash fiction? 
All for it when it comes to Sam and Dean xD But get with the times! It’s Destiel these days!

12. What do you think about Gamble and Kripke? 
Kripke is god! And who is Gamble? xD

13. If you could change one thing in the series, what would it be? 
I wish they’re stop offing them at the end of each season -_- it’s getting boring now. 

14. Say one bad thing about SPN?
Why is the next season is suppose to be the last season?!

15. What are you most afraid of? 
Spiders, the dark, sharks, going into the sea and a crab clipping me, cancer, heartattacks… need I go on?

16. How do you kill a shapeshifter? 
Silver bullet

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