Undetermined and Sudden Hiatus

I know this is coming out of know where but last night my laptop decided to live it’s last megabyte and so now I have nothing to use to update. I am currently using my boyfriends laptop but I doubt he’d like me coming almost every day to use his laptop – and I too don’t have the time to go over to his almost every day to do updates.

I will, try and update when I can but for now, the earliest I can guarantee I can definitely update will be August. Buying a laptop is way too expensive in Japan compared to what the prices are in England and to be honest, I don’t have any sort of money right now anyway.

You can still follow me on GoodReads – I can still use this through it’s app as I have a tablet (but I can only use my tablet when out at lessons because that’s when I have wifi) – so you can see what I’m reading or finished etc.

I am sorry guys but definitely keep posting, I will read when I can and keep tagging me so I can bombard you with tag backs when I get back, okay?

4 thoughts on “Undetermined and Sudden Hiatus

    • I am sorry. I’ll be upset nit being able to update almost daily. I really enjoy doing the blog! =( also, I’ll miss the last Game of Thrones now too xD but plus side is I’ll be reading and studying a lot more! =)

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