Half Way There!! Bookish Resolutions

Let us pretend it is still Wednesday which means that Wednesday July 2nd was exactly the half way point in the year! And to celebrate that, I wanted to [finally] post my 2014 Bookish Resolutions and at the same time, update/tell you on how I am doing! Sound good? Lets Go!

2014 Bookish Resolutions!

1. 48 Books Reading Goal 
2. 12 Re-Reads
3. Finish 5 Manga Series
4. Read 2 Japanese Books
5. Finish 4 Series
6. Start a Book Tube
7. Read More than Last Year [2013: 50 Books Read – Not Including Manga/Comics is: 21]

Now let us see how I be doing… =/ drum roll please?

Mid-Way Update!

1. 18 Books Read [Moved 48 books down to 24 books for my Reading Challenge which means I am currently 75% through my challenge, but I am thinking of putting it back up, agree?]
2. Re-Read 2 Books, which makes me 4 books behind schedule.
3. Not finished any and made little progress =/
4. Started reading a few but not got passed the first few pages – and the translated version of Battle Royale does not count.
5. Almost finished The Selection series – just got The One to go – but no, none completed. [Btw, would you be interested if I did a; Series/Trilogies I want to finish/don’t want to finish/want to begin sort of thing?]
6. I did! And not posted a video there in like 3 months… I ended up making and sticking to this blog instead – it’s just so much easier and more fun and more variety of books and genres!
7. Not hit this goal yet whether that be the 50 books overall or the 21 actual book total.

That’s All!

I think I’ll do another update when we’re 3/4 through the year – how does that sound?
Also, I promise this is the last post from me today – maybe this week =/

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