June Wrap Up and July TBR!

Been pretty successful but I did cheat by reading a few books under 100 pages, but it is still a book!

June Wrap Up: 

L.Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future Volume 30
The Guard
The Truth about Alice
The Eslites
The First Taste is Free
Battle Royale
Look Who’s Back

Wow! Had no idea I had read that much in June!! I guess it’s making up for May and most likely this month as it is exam month! =[

July TBR: [this won’t be an ambitious one at all due my exams!]

Thief’s Magic – started it already and loving it!

If that gets read then;

The Queen of Tearling
100 Year Old Man
[although I’ve been in the mood to read Dracula for like 2 weeks now! But isn’t it a rather long book? I’d rather start it at summer].

Also Read-a-Thons!


Summer of Spells [video link to info]
Summer of LOTR [video link to info]

Coming Up!

7th -14th – Year-A-Thon: Classics [GoodReads Link]
14th – 21st – BookTube-A-Thon: [Video Info]
21st – 28th – Under-Hyped Books: Under 5000 ratings on GoodReads [GoodReads Link]

Be awesome if I could participate but exams =[

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