Look Who’s Back by Timur Vermes

Recieved from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review!

Quickie Review: 3.5/5 Stars
Very enjoyable and at times amusing and very interesting to read about! However, I feel that I missed out on a lot due to my lack of knowledge about Hitler and the World Wars etc. [at my school, you’re only taught about the 20th century when you reach the last two years of High School and by that point History is an optional subject, which I didn’t take]. I did also enjoy in the beginning when he’d miss hear words and meaning.

Plot: Hitler wakes up on a playing field, it’s now 2011! He is taken in by a newspaper shop owner and soon finds himself spouting his views on both television and youtube.

Characters: None were likeable if I’m totally honest. Neither like nor dislike.
Hitler: A very, very charming, charismatic and intelligent man [not sure how much book character resembles real Hitler though] but at the same time very ignorant, very stubborn and very dumb. He’s in the 21st century! He’s been taught how to use a computer, yet he doesn’t know how hated he is, ever!

Negatives: Already mentioned; I am not knowledgeable about his history or anything surrounding him so I feel I missed out on say the ironic humour, or when he’s talking about certain events that he started etc. Also, I thought this book was going to be about Hitler getting used to the new world but there was hardly any ‘wtf is going on here?! Why are women working? Why are they wearing very short skirts? What’s this thing called an app?!’ etc. but it wasn’t the main focus at all, it was as if he got used to it all within like 2 hours of being there and was okay with everything! Also, in the translation, a lot of german words were kept in and just assumed the reader knew everything about Hitler’s party names and such. And just to be extra picky, I spotted some spelling mistakes too! ‘is to take a walk though nature’ and ‘whether you we’re really a vegetarian or not’ but maybe these got fixed in the final book. Also, there was hardly any twist, he was just getting lucky the entire time! There was one point [concerning a grandmother] where I thought ‘here comes his domain or at least a push back for him!’ and it got resolved in the next page!

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