Quick Question for you about ARCS

So I request and get a lot of ARCS from NetGalley and I was wondering how you read them and such. This sounds really stupid doesn’t it. Well basically do you do one of these two things or do you do something different when you get ARCS [from NetGalley or not, regardless]:

1. You read them in the order they’re being published e.g. if you suddenly got 20 books between April and August and their release dates were between May and December; even if you entered December, you’d still be going through you ARCs by release date, even if you’ve only read all the ARCs up to say July?

2. You read the one that has the closet release date e.g. you have 5 books; two in April, one in August and 2 in December. You still haven’t read the second April ARC book but you’re already close to the August book’s release date so you read that one first before going back.

Or do you have another system? Or just purely you read what ever dang ARC you wanna read first?

One thought on “Quick Question for you about ARCS

  1. I’m personally not very smart about this. If you’ve read my recent pot about this, you might know about my struggle. Since I’m failing anyway, I kind of just read whatever I want. However, I do try to read them in the order that they were approved to me, which doesn’t always work out.

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