Year-A-Thon – July Edition Wrap Up!

Well, the challenge wasn’t hard and yet I didn’t complete my two books! But having said that, I was focusing more on Camp NaNoWriMo last week and catching up there, so forgiven? Okay!

So I did manage to read one book and read 36 pages of The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde – which [and please do tell me if I am not alone here] I’m not really feeling. Totally different to what I thought the story was about also! I thought it was about a double personality man but from what I’ve read; it’s not that at all. Anyone else not feel this book when they read it?

Quickie Review!

The Importance of Being Earnest

The Importance of Being Earnest – 58 Pages – 3.5 stars. It’s quick witty and very funny! I enjoyed it! Just a shame it was so short!

So in total I read 94 pages. Now to do better with the next Read-a-Thon! Wish me luck!!

O and very quickly; the short story ‘Afterlife’ by Stephen King became my 200th book! YAY!

One thought on “Year-A-Thon – July Edition Wrap Up!

  1. It’s been a very long time since I read Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde, but it was definitely not an exciting, thrilling, or a fun read. It’s kind of an old book though isn’t it? They tend to be written a bit differently than modern fiction I don’t think it was bad either or I would’ve really remembered that. I mean it’s good to read the classics and understand why they are still relevant in our current world. If I remember correctly he had a dream about it, and then he just wrote it all down. So the story is based on a dream he had.

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