Self Published – The Way To Go?

So lately I have been watched Brandon Sanderson’s videos like a drug on Write About Dragons on Youtube – his lectures are seriously amazing! And I have just gotten to lecture 10/11 where he talks about self publishing.

Now I have always personally been against self publishing, even though [I think] I read a lot of self published books, and for ceriian reasons;

1. The cover tends to look very unprofessional – which turns people off picking a book; we all do ‘picking a book by it’s cover’ don’t lie xP

2. It costs a lot of money – if doing it right it costs a lot of money to get the right editor, the right cover design, the right marketing – which a publisher can get sorted for you and therefore self-publishing can be a major headache,

3. The writing is very unprofessional and amateur – I don’t mean all because some do spend that 1000 or 2000 pounds/dollars to get that professional editor and make it an amazing book. But for me personally; I feel that a lot of self published people are not professional and maybe do 2/3 rewrites before going ‘that’s perfect’ and putting it out there and ending up in getting getting the worst ratings possible on goodreads.

4. On the superficial note; it doesn’t make you as rich [unless you really work and really get a hit], and it doesn’t keep you as secure as comapred to what getting an agent and a publisher and an editor is. If you get picked up from an agent/editor/publisher; you tend to get the feeling of ‘these professionals recognise me as someone that can actually write and sell books and I’m in and as long as I have idea, I can make this a career and a secure career’. Which with self publishing, it’s basically you [and only you] going ‘I can write professionally’ and putting your book out there,

No obviously these are my personal views and I don’t mean to offend no one and I know there are people that self publish and become huge! Also I haven’t done a lot in to self publishing. Just me personally I find self publishing very unprofessional and the easy way out and feel that a lot of ‘writers’ are going self published just because they can without any real revision, effort and time [to say getting a professional looking cover or a decent eye catching title] etc.


But what do you all think? Agree? Disagree? Do you feel/see that self-publishing is actually more successful than what I have seen of it. What side are you on?

Bearing in mind I get a lot of freebies on Kindle and I assume they are all self published [unless I recognise the authors name] and I have not yet read a book [that appears to be SP] that I have no rated under 3 stars,

4 thoughts on “Self Published – The Way To Go?

  1. I think most people go the self published route because they can’t get a professional publisher to back their story. I read the personal story of a man that got his manuscript rejected by every agent he queried. So then he sent in a copy of Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse Five (an American Classic frequently making the list of the best books of our century) disguised as his work. 299 out of 300 agents rejected the book, and the one that accepted the book did so because he recognized it was Kurt Vonnegut. So if one of the best writers of our time isn’t good enough for today’s agents what chance do other authors have? Writing is very subjective. I’ve been in fanfiction for 5 years, so I know what bad writing is. But even among the great authors that frequently make our list of best books, people have very different opinions on it. To be honest I don’t have high hopes for getting an agent to back my work. It’s like an actor coming to Hollywood and expecting to make it big. It happens, but there is a certain element of luck that’s not in your control. I’m going to try to enter some contests with my short stories, hoping they pave the way a bit. And yeah, I would pay an editor if I did end up self-publishing. I remember on fanfiction if a piece was really good it was popular. Although sometimes the writing wasn’t that good and it was still popular XD But if it was written too well it went over the heads of pretty much everyone on that site. My stories were actually popular XD But my friend that wrote so much better than me was not that popular. There were some people that recognized how amazing she really was, like me. But I think it went over the heads of most people. I think if she tried to get something published she would struggle because her writing was so unique, which makes it less commercial. So yeah, I think it’s fine either way. I think it’s great if you can get an agent to back up your work. But if you don’t then I’m not opposed to self-publishing. I think it helps to build up a following on your blog and/or sites like Fictionpress. Although you have to pull it down if an agent backs your work. I would never post more than a third of a book of Fictionpress though due to the plagiarism issues. I actually don’t care so much if I get published. I just want people to read my stories, lol. Being published would mean more people read them 🙂

    • Excellent points you’ve put!! =) I can totally your side also and your views. Self publishing I feel has a more hit/miss which of course depends on how much work you put in, how much you pay for say an editor and cover design and of course naturally your networking comes into major play like blogs and such =)

  2. I think the self-publishing world is like fanfiction in a way, though not as bad. There are some gems, but you have to wade through many bad stories to find them. Out of 36,000 stories in the Final Fantasy VII fandom, I had 5 favorites XD I reread those 5 stories several times. Yes, I would definitely get an editor if I end up self-publishing. It’s very difficult to be objective about your own piece even if you spend time away from it :$ And people that don’t know you are going to be more likely to be brutally honest with you. I think getting an agent is always preferable but sometimes it just doesn’t work out that way, so I wouldn’t be opposed to self-publishing. I was just talking to a friend about it. She lives in Eastern Europe and there is no way an American/English/Australian publisher would back her because it’s too complicated. She writes in English though. Self publishing would be her only option :/ I’m pretty realistic :$ I haven’t even written a novel and I’m expecting to be rejected by every agent I query XD Just doing short stories for now, lol.

  3. I’m not against self-publishing in theory. If an author chooses to go that route, all the power to them – even if it’s because they can’t get published any other way, I still think it’s an avenue for them. But I think self publishing takes a lot more effort, and some authors don’t put in the extra effort to make sure their work is edited and at its best before they publish. I haven’t read many self published books myself, but unfortunately the ones I have were not edited well, if at all. It’s hard to enjoy any narrative when you’re distracted by bad grammar and inconsistencies in the style.

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