BookTube-a-Thon Wrap Up and Under-Hyped Books Read-a-Thon TBR

This is gunna be super quick so are you ready?!

BookTube-a-Thon Wrap Up

So I completed three books and three challenges this week which, in my opinion is amazeballs!! So I completed:

1. Read a Book with Pictures I caught up with Shingeki no Kyojin completely and Kuroshitsuji completely which completes the challenge and was a total of 439 pages! =)

2. A Book with Red I read And They Called Her Spider which is 56 pages.

3. Book to Film Adaptation for this I chose and completed StarDust = 242 pages

This means my total is 738 pages!!! =) I an thoroughly satisfied with such progress!

But how did you all do? Also, I plan to review them all so would you prefer individual reviews or would you prefer them all in one big one? Let me know! =) Now onto this weeks, and hopeful final for a long time, Read-a-Thon!

Under-Hyped Books Read-a-Thon TBR
This is taking place over on the GoodReads so go a-searching for the group there and basically you can read any book so long as it has under 5000 ratings on GoodReads. So naturally this has become my: Catch Up with All Those Arcs Before August TBR

I will be reading:
– Thief’s Magic (Currently has 707 ratings – and already released)
– The Queen of Tearling (840 – already released)
– Outer Limits (0 – already released)
– The Rain (63 – already released)
– Project Superhero (5 – July 31)
– These Days Are Ours (289 – archive date is July 31 but release is September 4)
– The Isobel Journal (194 – August 1)
– The House of Four Winds (32 – August 4)

All these books are released before I finish my exams (August 4th) so getting them done now would allow me to put up reviews and read them before they’re (some) released.

Now getting through them all would be a miracle – especially as I’ve been reading Thief’s Magic for over two months now, only at 21% and is over 500 pages long – but even completely one big one and/or two small-ish ones I would be very happy with.

Are you making part? What is your TBR?

4 thoughts on “BookTube-a-Thon Wrap Up and Under-Hyped Books Read-a-Thon TBR

    • Isobel’s Journal has always interested me too!! But with the arc of that (and Project Superhero) it all comes to down to whether I can get on a laptop with the correct software to read it because it isn’t pdf like the other arcs I receive so we’ll see but I really want to read it!

  1. I’ve always wanted to watch/read Black Butler. One of my friends was super into it :3 I’ve wanted to watch and/or read Stardust. I’d prefer the reviews one by one, but since you’ve read so much it might help you to just do a mega review. You read quite a bit this week 🙂

    • I highly recommend Black butler! If you love the Victorian setting, mysteries, supernatural then defo watch/read it! I will say that I personally prefer the manga and in all honesty I thought I was going to hate it but just something about it made me love whether that be the setting or the fact the main character loves sweets and tea or because of the demon element; I can’t put my finger on it but I’ve fallen in love with it!! =)

      Thanks for the review input =) I’m still deciding on what to do but I will say that I have a lot to say about StarDust especially where the film adaptation is concerned

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