Under-Hyped Books Wrap Up!

Hey, hope you all had a swell and safe weekend! Now for my wrap up which some of you might think is a fail but o well! =)


I started on 21% and ended on 46% meaning I have read 31% slash 121 pages.

Now to some that doesn’t seem like a lot but A. Exams and B. I am seriously loving this book and actually read most of that all in one go when I wasn’t busy with revision and such and C. Reminder! I read so much slower on a kindle =(

But I am happy! So ner xP

Quick NaNoWriMo Update Only 3400 words to go until I win and only two chapters to go until I have finished ny book!! Which makes it a very small novel xD oops? xD

More coming this week due to August nearly being here as well as my summer FINALLY beginning! =)

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