Summer Is Almost Upon Us!

And here’s what to expect from me once my summer hits – on Monday – until the end of my summer – mid/end September. So here is a list of things you should see from me during the next two months!

– Summer TBR – Japan-style
– Summer TBR – British-style
– Unhaul
– Re-Read TBR
– Year-a-Thon Catch Ups
– Would You Rather Tag
– Social Media Tag
– Future Releases
– [Un] Completed Series/Trilogies
– Series/Trilogies I Want to Start/Finish
– Kiss, Marry, Cliff
– Fuck, Marry, Kill [GOT Style]
– Be, Room, Cliff
– Book Haul
– Bookcase/Shelf Tour
– TBR Shame and List
– Burn, Re-Read, Re-Write
– What I’m Taking to Uni
– A to Z Survey
– HP Tag [Normal and Spells Version]
– Book Turn Offs/Pet Peeves
– What is in my Travel Bag?
– What Am I Leaving [in Japan]

*Italics = will most likely be done while I am still in Japan

If there are any you wish to seen sooner than others just let me know! Also if there;s something I haven’t written but you would like to see ASAP, let me know in the comments! =]

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