The Maze Runner? HELP!

I have had my eye on The Maze Runner ever since it first came out but still to this day, never bought it. I’m currently torn; do I get the first book for 4 pounds or get all four for 10 pounds? I’ve never heard much good about the series, especially the last book, and I wasn’t exactly a lover of the Hunger Games but I read the entire trilogy and they averaged 3.5 stars and rather (unfortunately) enjoy the films (its defo my guilty pleasure that I’d never admit in public). Also, I know I defo wanna at least read the first book because it has been in my eye sight for years, and because the film is coming out.

So what do I do?

Do I get all four books cos it’s hella cheap and I might love the series?

Or do I just get the first book because I’ve always wanted to read just that one and people overall don’t like the series therefore I most likely won’t and getting the four books would be a waste of money even if it is cheap?

What to do? Also, did you enjoy The Maze Runner and the other three books?

4 thoughts on “The Maze Runner? HELP!

  1. I liked the first book. I read it in one sitting. Since then, I’ve bought the second one but haven’t actually read it. I think you should get all of them, especially since they’re so cheap. You might end up loving them.

  2. I liked the first book, the next ones not as much, and I think I didn’t care for how the series ended… I would suggest checking to see if they are available at your local library! But if you are set on buying them, I would get them all, you can always sell or trade the books if you don’t care for how the series goes.

  3. I’ve read the first two and got about a third into the third book and had to give up. The first book is quite fast-paced and exciting but, in my opinion, not that well written. I’d recommend just getting the first to see if you like the writing and the characters etc. before getting the rest. I bought them all at the same time and kind of regret it ha!

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