Thief’s Magic by Trudi Canavan

Thief's Magic (Millenium’s Rule, #1)

OMG, I finally finished it!! Pat on the back for me!! Now onto the review…

Quickie Review: 4/5 Stars
A solid 4 stars! Loved the plot, the twists, the world’s, the encounters – all of it!! Loved many of the characters too! I like how in our second protagonist’s world [Rielle’s] that Mr and Miss etc. don’t exist and instead they say ‘Sa-‘ or ‘Ais’, ‘Ens’ ‘Ers’ etc. it was a nice touch! What loses the one star for me was; I didn’t have that blown away ‘this is epic’ feeling and while I have nothing against religion and recognise it’s a huge part of our protagonist’s lifestyle, but the whole religious thing really annoyed me at times. Also the romance at times was a little icky and cheesy and rather insta.

Plot: Tyen is on an academic, archaeological dig one day when he finds a book – that talks! Secrets, adventures and magic ensues! The trilogy is based around World Hopping!

Tyen – I love this boy so much! Don’t ask me why, I can’t really pin point it; maybe it’s because he’s a wizard? xD
Kilraker – I liked this man, then he turns into a right dick and now I really hate him. But that is all I’ll say because – no spoilers yet!
Rielle – Ugh…. to me she seemed like a religiously mind-washed, immature 14 year old girl. I think she was the weakest character for me definitely.
Ysser – Loved his accept and how nice he was – I hope we get more of him!!
Vella – she is myserious as a person but I like how she has masses of information and always helps Tyen and is able to someone joke with him too!

Negatives: Rielle really doesn’t interest me and like I said before, I didn’t get that ‘this is awesome’ feeling while reading – like I do with Sanderson and Tolkien books – and personally, Rielle’s way of talking and talking and talking about religion and that same things about her religion over and over, really pissed me off at times.

The following is spoilers!

Please let me know if it is just me but, we’re not told what ages everyone is but in Rielle’s world, she’s still technically going to school – am I the only one that is seeing a 14 year old girl having sex with a mid-20s year old man?! Ew…

Theories: Tyen is the one who’ll defeat Roporien and be his successor!
The angel Rielle met towards the end of the novel IS Roporien.

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