Phew! I have writing progress!

Shortly before Camp NaNoWriMo, I decided I was going to heavily follow Brandon Sanderson’s writing structure which was always be planning the next book while writing the first draft of one and finishing up another. I also decided that I was would myself 6 weeks between a first and second draft as sort of a cool down and focus on something else period.

I was starting to get very worried when it got to like 2 weeks, and now, 3 weeks where I am full of little ideas, and writing them down, but not having anything to grasp onto and make a full story out of. Tonight I hit gold!! I’ve finally got a full-ish story outline, worked out a few of the twists I want in it, and almost gotten the gist of my main cast of characters.

Now here comes my struggle; firstly, I notice I’ve made all my characters male, which means I need to make it more even, I realise I don’t have to but I can hear people who might read this book calling me sexist already, and secondly, I am an architecture which means I have to have a pretty detailed chapter-by-chapter outline before I move on. The problem is; my book is mainly set in court – I’ve never studied law in my life and only know from what I’ve seen in like Law and Order and the game Pheonix Wright – this book, is going to be a challenge!! But it’s a fantasy book so I’m hella excited! xD

If any of you have had similar problems of all characters being the same or doing a story around something you really don’t know about and therefore have tips or are willing to tell me how you dealt with it etc then I am all ears! =)

Back to le planning!

One thought on “Phew! I have writing progress!

  1. My stories tend to revolve around death, physical or mental illness. Even if it’s a fantasy story XD I would be surprised if I wrote one without one of those components. I’m just working on short stories now to improve my technique and understanding of story structure. Glad you were able to get a full outline for your next novel 🙂 You may have to read a non-fiction book about law to help acquaint you with the system. If it were a short story, you could probably get away with stuff on the internet. I don’t know, haven’t looked. I was going to read stuff about PTSD so I could write a story about it. I don’t know much about it, so I would definitely need to research it. But the story picked me, so what can you do XD

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