What Am I Leaving In Japan?

I leave Japan on Friday and I’d thought I’d share with you what I am leaving in the care of my good friend here while I finish my last year at Uni in England. with plans of coming straight back to Japan upon graduation so bringing it all home is just a waste of money and space.

Enjoy! First the magazines xD

P1010389 P1010391 P1010392

Now for the books!! =]

P1010395 P1010396 P1010397

The Books [L-R]: Brother Karazamov in three parts, Death Game Park, Family Games, Confessions, Akumetsu Volume 2, Alice and the Black Butler, Sugarless volumes 1 – 3, 3 novesl handed out at uni, Death Note 1 – 13, GTO volume 1, Through the Looking Glass [Alice in Wonderland] and Forever 0

Finally my beloved CDs – I am a HUGE KAT-TUN fan [a Japanese band] and that’s what these all are! I feel so sad leaving them here =[

P1010399 P1010400

I’ll also most likely be posting ‘what am I reading’ during my 24-ish hours of travel time that I have.

5 thoughts on “What Am I Leaving In Japan?

      • Oh really? It’s a term used more by Americans I think. It’s short for bishonen, which means beautiful man in Japanese. Shortened it’s bishies XD It is typically used to describe beautiful Asian men. Something about beautiful Asian men makes me flail like a fangirl XD

        His family lives in Sendai and Tokyo. His parents used to live in Ishinomaki but their house was destroyed by the tsunami 😦 His younger brother is getting married in Tokyo so we’d probably spend most of our time there.

      • Ahh okay, thanks! in Japanese the word would be ‘ikemen’ which I use ALL the time xD

        I wanna go to Sendai SO badly! Ah that’s a shame about their house =/ O! Do enjoy the wedding xD

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