2014 Summer Reading Plans – British Edition!

Now that I am back in England, I am able to get around to a few more things that I want to do with Summer! Firstly the books!


Here are the physical books I want to get through:
– [Once again] A Game of Thrones
– The Rain
– The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
– Finish off the Mistborn Trilogy
– Warm Bodies
– Peter Jackson; A Film Maker’s Journey < Got about half way through this 5/6 years ago, about time I finished it! Still remember what I read crystal clear!

Now onto what I hope to post on here for you before I go back to university!

– UnHaul
– Bookcases
– TBR Shame
– Re-Reads
– What am I taking to Uni?
– Book haul
– Series/Trilogies Lists

There’s so many more things I want to post but obviously, I can post even after summer, so no need to rush at posting anything really xD

Anything you want me to do that I haven’t listed? Anything you’re excited to see?

2 thoughts on “2014 Summer Reading Plans – British Edition!

  1. Great list!! I got addicted to Game of Thrones and finished all 5 books in 3 months… And now I don’t know what to do. I still need to read Hero of Ages but Well of Ascension was just as amazing as the first one!!

    • OMG that is absolutely amazeballs! Wish I could do that!! But I only got like 20 days til I’m back at uni =[
      I’ve read The Final Empire so far… dying to read the rest of the trilogy! xD

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