Burn, Re-Read, Re-Write Tag

Another tag for y’all today! Hope you like what came up – I certainly had fun and found it difficult! xD Again I will just write them in Burn, Re-Read, Re-Write order xD and once again – like yesterday’s – I wasn’t tagged by anyone but really wanted to do it!

Round 1


StarDust – Just ugh, I was seriously disappointed with it.
Mistborn – ❤
5th Wave – this book started off amazing and creepy and I was loving it. Just wish it’d stayed that way and not focused so much on the romance, or else, I think I could’ve loved it!

Round 2


Daughter of Smoke and Bone – I really did not like this book.
A Series of Unfortunate Events – Love love love this series and wouldn’t mind re-reading even just the 13th one again.
Thief’s Magic – loved this book but it wasn’t perfect; just wish a few things were changed slightly. e.g. not being so religion-heavy.

Round 3


This one was torture!! They’re all my favourite books of all time! ='[ I don’t wanna do this one… but I must…

Half Blood Prince – I am SO sorry but I love the other two just a little more ='[
The Hobbit
The Lord of the Rings – no idea how I’d re-write it… maybe just the ending? Change it to where Hobbiton hasn’t gone to shit in the end?

Round 4


Noughts and Crosses
The Golden Compass – love love love this book and it’s series!
Eragon – again, no idea what I would change about it…but would rather re-write it than burn it!

Round 5


50 Shades of Gray – is there any other fitting section for it?
Mort – probably my favourite Terry Pratchett book so far ❤
Picture of Dorian Gray – another book I love… I think I’d re-write it and put it in modern day, that’s all xD

So what do you think? Do you agree? Any others you would want me to pick between?

I tag…. YOU!

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