Book Haul!

So finally I am able to give you a book haul.

Firstly, the books that ended up at my house in England – most due to winning giveaways – while I was away:


Super by Ernie Lindsey [GiveAway]
Heros of Ages by Brandon Sanderson [Bought]
Rain by Virginia Beron [GiveAway]
The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Linch [GiveAway]

And now for the books I bought this last Wednesday!


A Game of Thrones Books 1 – 5 [Bought – The Works = Bargin!]

That’s all I have for you! Not bought any kindle books in the past few weeks either xD

Have a Safe and Good Sunday!

2 thoughts on “Book Haul!

  1. I have all of the Game of Thrones books, but I’ve only read the first two. I’m so intimidated by their size and the utter complexity of the plot! I hope you enjoy them, though. Also, I have been DYING to read a Brandon Sanderson book, so tell me how it is!

    • The GOT size doesn’t intimidate me at all, I just know I need to read them when I know I defo have time to dig my teeth into it. I read the first 200 pages in about 2/3 hours one night because it’s that good and so easy to read and be absorbed in xD not touched it really since though =/ I don’t know about the complexity of the plot though, following it okay right now but I am only 200 pages in, seen the TV show and making timelines/comparison of the book to the TV show as I go along xD
      O I definitely recommend Brandon Sanderson! Read the first Mistborn book last year and it’s still my 1st favourite all-time book, joint-1st with The Hobbit. He is amazing seriously! I definitely recommend that you give at least the first Mistborn book a go!

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