Grimm Diaries Prequels 1 & 2 by Cameron Jace

Read 2 out of the 12-ish Prequels for the Grimm Diaries.

What if all you knew about fairy tales was wrong?

Snow White Blood Red (The Grimm Diaries Prequels, #1)

Quickie Review: 4 out of 5 Stars.

Firstly, LOVE this cover! I wasn’t sure what to expect as I’ve never really read a fairytale re-telling and Once Upon a Time started to bore me after 2 seasons but I gave them a go and wow! I love how the author has taken such innocent tales and twisted them and mutated them! This one is Snow White’s ‘step’-mother writing a letter to Jacob Grimm and explaining how Snow White is really the danergous and evil one – and wow I loved the twist on Snow White!! Also, the story, short as it may be, was able to set up mysteries here and there throughout.

This was a quick and very enjoyable read! As I was reading it, I could totally understand – and believe – how this side of Snow White could be real! The writing I loved too; easy, modern and the descriptions and metaphors were great! The ending confused me a little but more-so made me excited and needing more!

Ashes to Ashes and Cinder to Cinder  (The Grimm Diaries Prequels, #2)

Quickie Review: 3 out of 5 Stars.

This one I didn’t like at much but I like how this time it was set in the modern world and we met characters who weren’t fairy tale creatures. Even with the one less star, the story was still very interesting and again laid down some mysteries along the way, making me want to carry on reading! I was worried that maybe the author wouldn’t be able to do different voices, between the two stories and the entire Prequel collection, but it was easy to see the distinction between the character in the first story and the character’s personalities and voice in the second story – but only a little!

Again, quick and fun – I found Loki amusing! – and left me with questions again! Especially with the ending of the Author Notes: What would Carrie fin Stephen King’s masterpiece and Cinderella have in common in my world? – chills and excitement once again!

Have you read these? What did you think? Do they seem like something you would read?

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