The Walking Dead #1 by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore

The Walking Dead #1

Quickie Review: 3 out of 5 Stars.

I will let you know now that I’ve never watched the TV show bar the first few minutes, and I’m not a fan of zombies. Now moving onto my review and thoughts… I really liked the art and, due to being a comic, it was quick to read. The main character was interesting, especially his opening scene was amazing, and the ending scene was a great insight into his personality; but he’s a cop who wear cowboy wear as a uniform – cheesy much? The kid who we’re introduced to seemed like a pain in the arse too but I assume that him coping with the monstrosity that is going on in the world. The lack of information was a good thing – keeping confusion and the reader on edge along with the characters.

Not sure if I’d carry on, just purely because I’m not into zombies – as an interest nor as a partner prospect. But we’ll see. Maybe I’ll even try the TV show properly now? 0 Anyways, a good, quick read with a great opening scene and likeable art style.

Have you read this? Seen the TV show? Love both? Hate one? Let me know below!

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