Series Part 4 – Series I Don’t Want To Finish

Part 4! And most likely the final part – however I do have an idea of staying negative and doing ‘Series I Don’t want to Start’ too harsh? Again two categories, so let’s go!

Not Sure I Want to Continue

 NotSureSeries1 NotSureSeries2 NotSureSeries3 NotSureSeries4

Mainly the first two books are here because I’m still reading them and therefore have no idea whether I’ll end up enjoying the book and wanting to continue on or not; but currently I am enjoying both of them. The other two are, while I did enjoy them, it purely comes to down to ‘will I ever get through all my ‘really want to read’ books and have time to get to ‘enjoyed but definitely not at the top of reading list’?’ but we shall we, who knows, they might go up the reading list as time moves on.

Definitely Do Not Want to Finish

 NotFinishManga1 NotFinishManga2 NotFinishSeries3 NotFinishSeries4 NotFinishSeries5 NotFinishSeries6 NotSureSeries5 NotSureSeries6 NotSureSeries7

These books aren’t being continued for one of three reasons;
1. I seriously did not enjoy/hated the book – 50 Shades, Daughter of Smoke and Bone, The 5th Wave, The Queen of the Tearling, Noughts and Crosses
2. I feel I’ve grown out of the themes and no longer part of the aimed at audience and probably wouldn’t enjoy reading them now as an adult; Stormbreaker, Girl 15
3. I just didn’t care enough for the series or it was okay to read but not one to want to carry on with for me personally; Walking Dead, Because I’m a Maid, Pixie Chyx.

There you have it! Sorry if a book is here that you seriously loved – I just didn’t have a good experience with it clearly and wasn’t for me.

Can you persuade me to carry on any of these series? Are you glad I’m not continuing on with a series? What other ‘Series’ stuff should I do? Let me know below!!

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