What Am I Taking to Uni?

I am now back at uni and once it kicks in, it will affect my posting schedule most likely, but for now, here are the books I have brought with me and hope to read between now and Christmas! =]


A Game of Thrones
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy [in four parts]
Leviathan Wake
Mockingjay – plan to re-read before the film comes out!
Peter Jackson: A Film Maker’s Journey


Tokyo Bangwagon
You Like the Bad Boy? – Again bad Japanese translation = works in Japanese and not in English!
Death Note Vol 1 [in Japanese]

Warm Bodies
The Silver Chair
The Last Battle
The Lies of Locke Lamora
Travelling to School ~ Yours and My Room


The Well of Ascension
The Hero of Ages


Joker Game
Me, Me
Harry Potter [in Japanese]

There you have it! Reckon I can get through them? I tried to bring more shorter or easier books than longer ones; did I succeed?

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