“I Don’t Have Time To Read” Discussion

I’ve seen quite a few posts this week talking about finding time to read and the excuse ‘I don’t have time to read’ and such. So I thought I’d give my rather odd argument over it…

I’m still stuck on where I stand with the whole ‘I don’t have time to read’ “excuse”. I understand [at least in the west] people have like 9 – 5 jobs and families to attend to but it’s like, most people get an hour lunch everyday, so they can read then, sleep 8/9 hours a night, well adults only need 6 hours to function, and families now-a-days spend their time watching movies or TV, hours of time they could spend reading, and nothing wrong with getting into bed 15/30minutes early and reading a few pages.

Having said that, I totally understand the time constraints with High schoolers, uni students and those that have to bring their work home like teachers; we have a lot less time than those that just work, but at the same time, we still find time to get hours of entertainment into our lives, so why not swap an hour or something to read? And I’m sure everyone has to travel to get to their uni/work place, nothing wrong with reading then or having an audio book instead of playing on your phone or listening to music xD

Still a tough thing for me to decide what side of the coin I’m on, especially when it can be much easier just watching tv/movie or listening to music and there’s people who love sleeping 8 hours a night [I get the best dreams when I sleep 8/9 hours so obviously I am in support of long sleep!] rather than having to focus on an audiobook or a book.

I didn’t get seriously into reading until about 2/3 years ago – well done Alex, deciding to get back into reading just as you become a uni student -_- – and to be honest, I didn’t read at ALL [besides Harry Potter every few years or when I had time abroad to just sit by the pool and read] during my time in high school or college [age 11 – 18] which disgusts me because it’s not like I didn’t have time! HS and College for me were a piece of cake! I was never stressed, revision wasn’t really needed until 10 minutes before the exam and everyone copied each others homework and worked together on it the day it was due so didn’t have to take home and do my homework at home therefore I had a lot of time on my hands and so I used to marathon ALL the Harry Potter films and all the extended editions of LoTR [behind the scenes content included] and was obsessed with LOST and Supernatural and American Pie… I’ve spent [still do] SO much of my time watching tv or movies, time that I’m sure it wouldn’t have killed me to have spent half of it reading instead!

So here I am now, into my 3rd year of seriously trying to read and because I’m late getting on this seriously reading bandwagon, I’m behind on all the fantasy and sci-fi and just plain amazing classics that I’ve heard been spoken about for years and years and years and I’ve not touched one [besides like LoTR!] and it makes me sad! I’m 21 years old and I hadn’t read a Terry Pratchett book until 2 years ago. I’d never heard of A Game of Thrones until 2 years ago! I still haven’t read 1984, Brave New World, The Time Machine. I’ve never read Robert Jordan, Douglas Adams, James S.A. Corey, Scott Lynch, Joe Abercrombie or John Scalzi! And it’s not because I didn’t have time to read nor because I didn’t want to read – I just didn’t make time for something that I knew I’d love because it’d have to take a little bit more effort, time and focus than watching LoTR for the 201th time!

So, I guess, in conclusion, almost everyone can’t say ‘They don’t have time to read’ unless you’re say a doctor, you’ve just had a new born or doing a masters, or a uni students even for that matter! [< I procrastinate way too much for a uni student!]

What does everyone else think? Have I gone off the handles bars? Am I totally wrong with everything I’ve just said? Let me know below! Or make a post in reply!

2 thoughts on ““I Don’t Have Time To Read” Discussion

  1. I think it’s something you have to choose to make time for. I personally read during my lunch break and right before bed, but I understand a lot of people just want to veg out and watch tv or something. I think reading is a much better choice! 🙂
    Also, don’t stress about not reading all the greats – you’ve got tons of time! I’m still working through many of them myself and I’m only 25 🙂

  2. Great post I would normally agree and do see your point. At the moment I read in my lunch sometimes and about 1/2 an hour before going to sleep. I think when I say I do not have time to read it means I do not have as much time as I used to, and so I am reading at a slower rate. Before I started working I use to be able to dedicate 2/3 hours or more to reading. So compared I do not have much time to read. I do agree that you have to make time to read 🙂

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