NaNoWriMo 2014 – 4 Weeks to Go!

It is exactly a month until NaNoWriMo 2014 starts and I’ve been trying to get myself motivated and passionate over a story I want to write. So far I have 7 story ideas and I would also like to see if I can make sense and a story out of the dream I had last night; although, to be honest, I doubt a story about space, dinosaurs and drunk teens would make a cohesive story! But I can only try!

So for a little snippet; here are the themes in my 7 story ideas so far, and you can let me know which sounds the best [or do they all sound too vague?]

1. Fantasy, Badass Female, Possible Magic Theme, Farm Boy.

2. New boy, High School, Spy, Evil Organisation, Chase Story.

3. Vampires, Magic, Fate, Homosexuality.

4. Paranormal, Strong Female, Hunters.

5. Military, Angels, War

6. Hero, Princess, Journey

7. Old Man, Cute Pet, Adventure, possible Steam Punk, Magic, possible Pirates.

Hopefully I’ll have a more solid idea this time next week, and less uni work.

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