Top Ten Tuesday #22


This Week’s Theme: Ten Places Books Have Made Me Want To Visit [real or fictional] – this one will be so much fun to do!!

1. Prague – I didn’t like the book [Daughter of Smoke and Bone] but my god Laini Taylor’s writing is so beautiful and just made Prague seem SO attractive!

2. Middle Earth – who wouldn’t wanna go here! Specifically Hobbiton please!

3. Diagon Alley – I wanna get my wand and see what wizard money looks like and get an owl and be surrounded by all the wizard stuff!

4. King’s Landing – hopefully not during King Joffrey’s reign but my god, tis a beautiful location. Also, never cold! So bonus there xD

5. Lyra’s World – I’d love to be in Lyra’s alternate world of earth! I’d have my own Daemon thing that’s my soul but in pet form and we’d be the best of friends ❤

6. Ankh-Morpork – it’d be a blast here, am I right! xD

7. Luthadel – again, hopefully not during that Dark Lord’s reign! But it’d be nice to be surrounded by it all and see what it was like, although I’d probably end up in the lowest caste =/

8. Alagaesia – DRAGONS! My argument is solid.

9. Death’s Domain – seeing where Death lives? And seeing his book room and everything? Count me in!

10. Narnia – we all wanna stay in a magical land, right? xD I’d prefer to see it during winter though to be honest.


What about your fictional worlds? Same? Different? Let me know below or link me to your TTT! =]

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