Knocking Down my Goodreads Challenge [Again!]

First we had this.

Then we had this.

And now, we once again, have this!


Basically, my reasons are;

1. It’s my final year of uni so every minute is precious (having said that…)
2. I have early morning lectures so which finish at lunch, so because I have to get up early; I (if I had motivation) want to get my ‘homework’ done asap and then nap and chill or I just don’t wanna do anything for the rest of the day.
3. My days off are spent either doing hours of extra work on top of my ‘homework’ or writing my dissertation/thesis or spending what precious time I have left together with the friends around me.
4. I walk everywhere on campus so I don’t have travel or waiting time where I’m able to take out a book and read.
5. At night I either get like 10minutes of reading done before I fall asleep or I’m asleep before I can even pick me book up – which is why Warm Bodies and Game of Thrones haven’t been read and finish yet!
6. It’s just so much easier (and a way of learning) for me to just spend hours watch Japanese and Korean TV than it is picking a book up.

I feel like I’ve kinda let you all, and myself down, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to meet last years goal due to going into my final year this year, although I am surprised at how little I am reading. But with all the stress I have from my work; I’d rather just lazy and watch TV than have to concentrate and read – no matter how hard I want to be able to read my books! =[

It might go up again! December is the manga/comic book read-a-thon so maybe I’ll knock out my original reading goal in that time – but as of right now, I am far from my original reading goal of 48 books =/

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